The following regulations are an essential part of the walk. Please read them carefully and understand your responsibilities.


  • We reserve the right to change the route without prior notice.

  • Walkers  must register with the steward at the beginning of the walk so that they can be allocated a badge and number.

  • Walkers must also register with the steward at the end of the walk so that every walker can be accounted for and total sponsorship money calculated.

  • Walkers must register their names and numbers at ALL checkpoints along the route for their own safety and as proof that they have completed the course.

  • No mountain bikes, motor bikes, fancy dress, horses  etc. are allowed on the walk.

  • Anyone found tampering with route markers etc. will be refused entry for future walks.

  • Please protect the countryside and be considerate to local residents at all times. This includes leaving all gates as you found them, disposing of all litter at checkpoints or in designated bins and not around the countryside, keeping noise to a minimum especially in the early morning hours.

  • Any persons wishing to monitor the progress of an individual or group are welcome to do so, though we do ask that they confine their presence to checkpoint areas, but please ensure you leave access points clear for official vehicles or any emergency services that may be required.

  • Under medical advice, it is necessary for us to impose a distance limit on Junior walkers aged 10 and under who will only be allowed to participate in the 3.5 and 7 mile walks.

  • Junior walkers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at EVERY stage of the walk.

   .    Dogs must be kept on a lead when near livestock or on roads


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Gritstone Charity Walk 2018